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maried couple enjoying sunset A Catholic wedding is a ceremony that units a man and a woman in matrimony, preform by the only, one, true professing universal church, which claims to have exclusive characteristics or notes to legitimately claim heirship to the New Testament Christianity, and therefore, aligning the pope as the successor to Peter, making him, the pope, the first bishop of Rome.

Matrimony, also called Marriage, is a sacred covenant between one man and one woman sworn before God that establishes the physical and spiritual union, love, and lifelong loyalty to each other, making them a whole, and therefore becoming one flesh.

A valid Catholic wedding has three basic rules and requirements. They are:

  1. Couple is capable of being married
  2. Couple consents to marriage
  3. Couple follows canonical form for marriage

The couple must be a man and woman without any impediments that would prevent them from getting married. The couple must willingly give and except one another freely to establish the marriage. The couple must be married by the laws of the church in order to be accepted as a valid marriage to the church and community.

Catholic Wedding Alternatives

You can have an alternative to the usual Catholic requirements regarding weddings, annulments, location, and still have a valid priest! We are a resource for helpful catholic information that might be of interest to you. This site proves that there is an alternative for you to have a wedding at an outside location and still have a valid priest! The following information and pages will give you information that will inform you as to what your alternatives are, thus providing you with options that you may not know that you have.

Marriage Convalidation Available:

Marriage Facts

Archbishop In front of Mission Inn Chapel
Valid Priest

  • Did you know that you can get married, by a priest, even if your fiance is not Catholic?
  • Do you know that you can have a priest perform your wedding at any location you want?

Even if you or your fiance were never baptized or do not want to attend PreCana (premarital) counseling, it is still possible for you to have a priest at your wedding!

  • How to have the wedding at the location that YOU want--even garden settings or the beach areas?
  • How to get a baptism, annulment, 1st Communion, Confirmation completed in days or weeks without classes, or voluminous paperwork?
  • Dispensations for lack of baptism, ritual used, location, etc. in a matter of days from a bishop.
  • Immediate scheduling of your officiating priest so that you know that you will have one on the day of your wedding.
Wedding Information

Father Jeffrey Dire, Archbishop David Cooper, Brother Oleg Khilkevich
Archbishop in chair
You have located the correct website. if you need catholic wedding information, you want to get married by a priest, and if fiance is not catholic, no problem.

How is this possible? By use of the little known avenue of using an Orthodox bishop that will help you. Remember, all Orthodox are considered to be Catholic by Rome.

In Papal utterances regarding the Orthodox, we are called ". . . Orthodox brothers of the Catholic faith which by God's grace we share."

Pope John Paul refers to the Orthodox churches as ". . . sister Catholic churches . . ."

Many people have forgotten that the Orthodox are part of the "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church." Here is an Orthodox Catholic bishop that will help you:

Note: It is the Vatican that has said that the Orthodox share the Catholic Faith and are separated sister Catholic Churches. The Envoy Magazine article about Archbishop Cooper is misleading. The terms Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christian are synonymous. There are independent Western Rite Orthodox jurisdictions all over the world. Archbishop Cooper's Order does NOT have gay or women priests.

"Serious couples will call by telephone and speak with the Archbishop directly. No text messages, please."

Wedding Resources:

We provide you with the wedding resources you need according to your situation. We try to make your obstacles that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals go away. Let us help you with your circumstances right away.

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